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Day 1, October 11:

9:15 am: Opening Remarks (Diego von Vacano, Texas A&M, Political Science)

Panel I: Representation

9:30 am: Enrique Peruzzotti, Di Tella University, Political Science
Representative Democracy as Mediated Politics

10:00 am: Nura Hossainzadeh, University of California, Berkeley, Political Science
Representation in Khomeini’s Islamic Government

10:45 am: Peter Rutland, Wesleyan University, Government
Russian national identity in search of itself

11: 15 am: Zachary Elkins, UT-Austin, Department of Government
Citizenship Laws and Ethnic Group Incorporation

11:45 am: Discussant: Nadia Urbinati, Columbia University, Political Science

12:15 am: Open Discussion/Q&A

Chair: Guillaume Bogiaris, Texas A&M University, Political Science

Panel II: Religion

2:00 pm: Andrew F. March, Yale University, Political Science
Theorizing Theo-Popular Sovereignty

2:30 pm: David Switzer, Texas A&M University, Political Science
Equality, Sovereignty, and Criticism: Democratic Principles in the Hebrew Bible

3:15 pm: Gary Jacobsohn, UT-Austin, Department of Government
Religion, Republicanism, and Emergency Power

3:45 am: Anne Norton, University of Pennsylvania, Political Science
The Muslim Multitudes: Farabi and Radical Democracy

4:15 am: Discussant: Joshua Mitchell, Georgetown University, Government

4:45 pm: Open Discussion/Q&A

Chair: Bradley Goodine, Texas A&M University, Political Science

Day 2, October 12:

Panel III: Equality

10:45 am: Karuna Mantena, Yale University, Political Science
Authority, Action, Criticism: Gandhian Satyagraha and the Caste Question

10:00 am: Tan Sor-Hoon, National University of Singapore, Philosophy
Why Equality and Which Inequalities? Modern Confucian struggles with Democracy

10:30 am: Nicolas Shumway, Rice University, Dean of Humanities
Race, Politics and Policy in Argentina, 1880 to 1920

11:00 am: Discussant: Will Kymlicka, Queen’s University, Philosophy

11:30 am: Open Discussion/Q&A

Chair: Megan K. Dyer, Texas A&M University, Political Science

Panel IV: Freedom

1:30 pm: Lawrence Hamilton, University of Johannesburg, Department of Politics
Freedom is Power Through Representation: Suggestions from South Africa

2:00 pm: Ajume Wingo, University of Colorado, Boulder, Philosophy
A Free Person as a Maker of Surprises

2:45 pm: Diego von Vacano, Texas A&M University, Political Science
Democratic Caesarism in Latin American Thought: the Work of Vallenilla Lanz

3:15 pm: Leigh Jenco, London School of Economics, Government
Yan Fu and the Language of Liberty: Beyond Translation

3:45 pm: Discussant: Melissa Williams, University of Toronto, Political Science

4:15 pm: Open Discussion/Q&A

Chair: Judith Baer, Texas A&M University, Political Science

Concluding Comments:

5:30 pm: Equality and Freedom: Joshua Cohen, Stanford University, Political Science

6:00 pm: Religion and Representation: Alan Ryan, Princeton University, Department of Politics

6:30 pm: Closing Remarks: Diego von Vacano, Texas A&M, Political Science

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